Adludio is an award-winning mobile advertising technology company that creates and delivers immersive experiences through its own unique mobile ad units.

Adludio specialises in “sensory advertising,” an innovative digital advertising technique that brings ads to life on mobile by utilising technologies such as 3D effects, gyro, augmented reality and haptic feedback.




Visixtwo powered the Emoji campaigns of some the worlds most recognizable brands. Ranging from brands like Capcom, CES, Movember and University of Baltimore to corporate B2B brands like Stihl the world’s largest makers of chainsaws. We offer a complete service, taking your campaign to the end users phone, providing the creative design, technical distribution and even analytics data on how and where your Emoji has been used.




Trigger Buzz is a new creative technology business designed and built to disrupt the way marketing content and advertising is created and produced. Founded on the principles of creativity, speed, agility and effectiveness. We’re passionate about making new content, to new rules, across all new channels of communication, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Our project platform, Trigger Hub, connects marketeers with a global, 600-strong, individually selected, creative community. Containing those at the cutting edge of digital creativity and production, we believe our ‘always-on’ community is more flexible and agile than traditional suppliers.



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Wriggle is a website and mobile app that helps amazing independent food & drink establishments get discovered and bring in new customers. Watch the video to understand how it works.

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The Zenstores platform automates the time-draining daily tasks slowing down your business. Delegate the boring stuff so you can find the time and headspace to work on achieving your ambitions.

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Fuel Ventures


The Fuel Ventures Portfolio (the "Fund") invests at the most lucrative early stages of internet technology companies that have exceptional growth potential and substantial returns can be achieved.


The Fund focuses on marketplaces, platforms and SaaS business models, identifying investment's in seed and growth stages.

Bringing together great entrepreneurs into an environment of innovation, collaboration and support in RocketSpace in the heart of London. We provide a unique combination of mentorship, experience and access to investment required to drive a business and ideas to success.


Idea Squares


IdeaSquares offers support towards crowdfunding success on Europe's leading platforms. Whether you want to launch or are already launched on Seedrs, Crowdcube or Crowdfunder, we have a start to finish programme of support that can be tailored to your needs. We focus on preparing you properly for crowdfunding and boosting your campaign's potential. Our clients have an extremely high success rate on Europe's leading platforms (80-90%).  




Hooptap helps brands to effectively engage their audiences and create “calls-to-action”.

We provide gamification technology specifically designed to allow brands to increase and monetize their engagement with customers.

Hooptap is a technology platform that helps companies to create branded web and mobile apps focused on achieving a stronger and more profitable relationship with their audience.

We feel that gamification is one of the key tools that make an audience want to listen to branded content and to actively participate in marketing initiatives.

Our customers can use over 100 different modules and around 50 different game mechanics. We also offer second screen & audio recognition technology for the TV industry that allows for perfect synchronization of content.

Hooptap's content management system allows managing of content inside the app remotely & in real time.

All of our technology has been developed in-house, is cloud based, and we consider it to be fully scalable.





giftgaming is a patent-pending in-game ad service and startup supported by Accelerate Cambridge, Cambridge Judge Business School.

Ever get stuck on a game? Don't want to buy in-app purchases or watch annoying video ads? Introducing giftgaming.

Brands give powerups, extra lives, etc. (with coupons) to players and we deliver them as surprise gifts to you! We currently have a UK game company with over 12 million players who wants to trial our service.